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Celebration† July† 29-30-31† 2005

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Planning an event where the numbers, the participantís location and funding are unknown can seem daunting and leave some apprehension. However, initial enthusiasm prompted us to continue. We knew this should be a good event, if we could find everyone. The Internet seemed like an obvious choice. Our wildest expectations were exceeded on July 29th to July 31th.


They came from far and wide, the young and the not so young, some after long planning others on the spur of the moment. The excitement and enthusiasm kept building. At least 35 years had passed since the School had closed its doors, in fact, the building no longer existed. However, this only added to the mystique. They came over 500 strong to meet old friends and former teachers and for three days basked in the pleasure of each otherís company. Old friendships were renewed, tears were shed but in the end all agreed AAC 2005 Celebration lived up to itís billing as a huge celebration of former students who attended the Assumption Academy in Campbellton, New Brunswick.


This event could not have been realized without the countless hours of all of the volunteers who gave so generously of their time. It is to these individuals that the Organizing Committee wishes to extend a sincere thank-you. Also, the Committee wishes to thank all of our sponsors who contributed generously with prizes and money. Finally, to all those who took time out of busy lives, some who traveled great distances, to attend the reunion thank-you, for your presence and your enthusiasm were the key ingredients in an unforgettable weekend.


Thank you everyone for this incredible weekend.


Wayne Walsh and Steven Hutchinson



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